CORE Members in Action: CTU Charter Division Vice Chair Caroline Rutherford

Charter members of CTU were the first teachers and staff members at charters in the country to go on strike in 2018, and CORE was instrumental in making that happen.

In 2018, the CTU members of Acero Schools went on the first charter strike in the nation's history. We were fighting for smaller class sizes, better working conditions, sanctuary schools, and equal pay for our charter members. The CORE caucus was a huge support to our charter members during our strike. They showed up at our rally, met us on the strike line, and helped to guide us through our fight. Huge shout out to Jesse Sharkey, Stacy Davis Gates and Jackson Potter for getting us through. I am a proud member of CORE.

Caroline Rutherford is the Vice Chair of the CTU Charter Division and is running for re-election on CORE's slate in the May 2022 CTU elections.

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