Vote for CORE’s Candidates for CTPF Teacher Trustee!

#VoteCORE to #ProtectOurPensions!

Voting ends Friday, November 4th at 5pm

This week, CTU members are voting for Teacher Trustees on the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund Board of Trustees. This election is crucial to ensure that our pensions are protected and that our pension funds are invested in line with CORE’s values. The only candidates with the experience and proven leadership to do the job are CORE’s candidates, Jeffery Blackwell and Jacquelyn Price Ward. That's why they have been endorsed by CORE members Stacy Davis Gates, Jackson Potter, Maria Moreno, and Christel Williams Hayes.

Together with CORE, our CTPF Trustees have a proven track record of:

  • Securing our pensions with the restoration of the revenue to the pension levy
  • Divesting from harmful and anti-public education hedge fund investments

Together with CORE, our CTPF Trustees will continue to lead by:

  • Fighting to right the wrongs of the unfair 2 tier pension system
  • Working to divest from fossil fuels and re-invest in clean energy

Jeffery Blackwell has been a CTPF Trustee since 2010 and has been the President of the CTPF Board of Trustees since 2018. Read his full candidate statement here. Jacquelyn Price Ward is the current Finance Secretary of the CTPF Board of Trustees and has previously served as the CTU Officer Liaison to the CTPF trustees. Read her full candidate statement here.

Here’s how to vote:

  1. Check your CPS email for emails from “CTPF Election Admin” with the subject lines “Vote Now in the CTPF Teacher Trustee Election” and “Reminder to Vote in the CTPF Teacher Trustee Election” for voting instructions.
  2. Go to and enter your unique voting credentials. The link and your credentials are included in the email.
  3. Check Jacquelyn Price Ward and Jeffery Blackwell, click submit, and hit vote. Make sure you see the “Thank you for voting” confirmation page!
  4. Need assistance? Contact YesElections at [email protected] or (844) 413-2929

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