CORE Candidate for Clinician Functional Vice President: Mary Difino

Mary Difino is currently in her fourth year as a school social worker. She became a delegate her very first year with CPS, and is currently in her third year as co-chair of the clinicians steering committee. She works to empower rank-and-file clinicians in knowing and using their contract, and to amplify clinician voice in the union at large. 

Mary believes that education is at its best when it’s collaborative, and that unions are only as strong as their solidarity. 

Mary enjoys connecting with other clinicians across the city and helping them feel empowered and supported by their union. As a delegate, she worked hard to cultivate spaces where clinicians can come together to collaborate, ask questions, share resources, and find community. As a Functional Vice President, she will continue to push clinician issues such as workspace, caseload, and staffing to the front of the conversation.

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