CORE Candidate for Area Vice President: Moselean Parker

In 2015, I stated that I am one hundred percent committed to doing what is best for CORE and CTU. That has not changed. As a member of the 2019 Bargaining Team, I attended every bargaining session and all marches. I filled in for our school delegate to lead meetings in her absence. I also ensured all pertinent information from our union was disseminated to union members at McKay School.

In the last year I have worked the phone banks to keep our members up to date on the false and egregious dialogue spoken by CPS and Mayor Lightfoot, particularly when it came to discussions about Covid-19 and our safety. Additionally, in the past three years I supported and walked with our charter brothers and sisters during their strikes.

Currently, I am the delegate for McKay school and hold regular union and PPC meetings, I’m also a member of the executive board and I also volunteer as a Sergeant at Arms at the House of Delegate meetings each month.

In closing, I want to say that the last year has been hard for everyone.  We could never have imagined the depths and sacrifices our members would have to make and endure. Because of this I have been reenergized to stand for what is right and fight back against the madness, blatant lies, and the disrespect our CORE, our CTU officers and our members have experienced. I want to be an Area Vice President because I know that we need to keep CTU strong. The organizing model from CORE helps members build power at the worksite, and this is work I want CORE to continue.

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