Protect and Defend First Wave Students and Teachers from unsafe reopening

I. Organize, Organize, Organize! 

Rank and file members in CORE and the CTU are organizing to ensure a safe and equitable reopening of school.

We know CPS is not prioritizing the health of our students, their families or staff in this haphazard plan they refuse to bargain or reconsider based on our concerns and recommendations. 

Therefore, we are committed to taking action and expressing solidarity when and where any member is forced back to in person instruction against their will. 

1. Support the CTU program and celebrate the courage of our first wave of members in pre-k and cluster programs slated to report on Monday, January 4th. We defend and encourage their right to assert a refusal to work in person and remain remote. Take a sick day or mental health day if you need one. 

Sign the Pledge! Pledge link:

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