The Movement and the Mayor

Former CTU President Jesse Sharkey poses the question (and throws out his ideas) on "What does it mean to have Brandon Johnson, a Chicago Teachers Union organizer, in office?" 

Read the article in latest issue of Hammer and Hope.  

Not long after Brandon Johnson won Chicago’s 2023 mayoral election, he came by the Kenwood-Oakland Community Organization’s annual convention. Several hundred seniors, students, educators, and other members of the South Side community group were gathered at King College Prep High School to attend workshops, discuss next steps, and maintain their connection with a vital part of the network of community activists, trade unionists, antiracist organizers, and others who constitute — and identify as — the Chicago movement. The buzz of victory still hung in the air. Conversations with people you hadn’t seen in a while started with hugs or big smiles and a shake of the head. Our movement elected the mayor of Chicago. Can you believe it?  Read the rest of the article here.

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