Nov 1-7 Vote CORE for CTPF trustees!

Teacher friends. I was appointed as a Chicago Teachers Pension Fund Trustee in July. I am running for a full 3 year term in November. Here is an article I wrote for the Chicago Union Teacher about our pension fund. It is my goal to continue the great work that has been done the last 9 years.

CTPF must grow and protect our pensions, but must do so without hurting the students we serve, their families and communities, as well as our own members and the communities where they live and work. We also must avoid investments that hurt public education through privatization and disinvestment in public schools and school communities, and that have adverse effects on working people. 

I hope you will vote for me and Gervaise Clay for the two 3 year terms and Jacqueline Price Ward for the 1 year term. We will work as a team with the other Trustees and CTPF to protect our hard earned pensions.

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