We Are Honored and Humbled

We did it.

But we didn’t do it alone. It took each and every one of you, your humanity, your compassion and your commitment.

More importantly, it took your desire to see change in how educators lead. For more than a decade, you have affirmed the direction of our union, and how we are part of a movement for racial, social and economic justice – for environmental justice, for housing justice and for the schools our students deserve.

Our leadership of the Chicago Teachers Union has been transformative, and that will continue for our students and their families, for every school and every neighborhood, and for the common good.

Now is the time for unity. We are one union, and we are stronger together. We need to embrace our democracy and stand as one, while we continue to remake our society into an equitable and just place for all.

Together, we can transform Chicago and make our district, and our city, better.

We are humbled and blessed to do this work. But the work is not done. The work is just beginning.

Our members have spoken.

Three more years.

Thank you.

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