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The Save Sarah Campaign 

Send thanks to the following Alderman who are standing with Sarah Chambers.

Contact those not on the list to sign on in support of Sarah!

List of Aldermen who have written letters of support:
(1) Joe Moreno
(10) Sue Garza
(12) George Cardenas
(15) Raymond Lopez
(22) Ricardo Munoz
(26) Roberto Maldonado
(29) Christopher Taliaferro
(32) Scott Waguespack
(33) Deb Mell
(35) Carlos Ramirez-Rosa
(38) Nicholas Sposato
(42) Brendan Reilly
(44) Tom Tunney
(45) John Arena
(46) James Cappleman
(47) Ameya Pawar
(48) Harry Osterman

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Save Our Clerks Positions!!! Sign the Petition!

Our fight to stop CPS from eliminating clerk positions and continuing to bury our members in paperwork recently won a brief reprieve from expansion of the KRONOS pilot. Due to pressure from CTU clerk and teacher delegates, the district has now—for a second time—delayed the expansion of the KRONOS pilot to 117 additional schools.

Leading the charge against KRONOS is Lindblom Math and Science Academy, where members (above) implemented work-to-rule to oppose the pilot. For two weeks, LMSA teachers and staff clocked in and out at the same time and refused to work additional hours that they were not paid to work.

The date for expansion is now March 20, so between now and then, please sign this petition and get everyone you know to sign it to keep the pressure on the district to end this time-consuming threat to the valuable work of our clerks.

Here are the KRONOS facts:

  • No other profession is forced to follow such practice;
  • time is taken from instructional preps, lunch, and/or personal time at least once a week, including training;
  • no hard copies or further instruction was provided prior to installation of the program;
  • no technological support is provided for staff; and
  • staff and faculty are being asked to perform technology tasks outside of the realm of instruction, thus creating excessive paperwork for teachers.

This unnecessary and onerous system deprives educators of time necessary to prepare instruction, mentor students and attend to the needs of our classrooms.

As this struggle continues and CPS threatens three more weeks of furloughs, we will have to keep all of our options on the table. Next week, the CTU House of Delegates will meet to deliberate about options for action and help jumpstart new revenue campaigns that would prevent the need for any additional furloughs beyond the one day we have already experienced at the hands of the mayor and his CPS CEO.

Let's keep the pressure on by signing this petition to eliminate the KRONOS pilot for good, which is just one action that union members will take together throughout the district. Click below to sign

Sign the Petition!

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