Elect a Dynamic CORE Ticket for a Fighting Union!

President: Jesse Sharkey

Vice President: Stacy Davis Gates

Financial Secretary: Maria Moreno

Recording Secretary: Christel Williams

What we’ve won through struggle, strikes, and member driven campaigns

What we are fighting for to win in the near future and upcoming contract fight

  • fought against and stopped school closings and turnarounds
  • stopped charter growth
  • led to the greatest density of charter unionization in the country
  • established CPS' first maternity leave and short term disability program ever
  • won the greatest TIF surplus for schools in Chicago's history
  • restored the Pension levy to stabilize our retirement security
  • led the first run-off in a Mayoral election ever
  • Secured a funding formula that has finally put the district on the path for financial stability
  • Restored $28 million in SPED funding and won an ISBE monitor over CPS
  • Won rights to challenge discipline and vote down excessive tests for first time
  • Secured class size limits for first time in 24 years
  • Led first charter school strikes in US history
  • Fight and win a contract campaign to establish class-size caps for all grade-levels, and increase the number of social workers, bilingual teachers and aids, SPED staff, nurses, librarians, TAs and counselors for our classrooms and full time for every school.
  • Robust restorative justice coordinators and program for all schools
  • All schools sustainable community schools
  • bank sick days
  • eliminate the charter commission at state level
  • Fight to ensure that Chicago remains affordable, livable and responsive to racial and social justice goals for our students and their families.
  • restore our 4.5 bargaining rights
  • Elected School Board
  • Open bargaining to include all members in the direct negotiations of our next CPS contract
  • Pre-K for all  

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